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OrionGadgets.com is a manufacturer and a retailer of PDA, Music Players and Portable Gaming Devices accessories. Our mobile, PMP, and games devices cases and accessories, such as car and home chargers, travel kits, screen protectors, and more, are designed to give you a peace of mind and ease of use while your device is offered maximum protection.

Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 to get new BlackBerry OS 7.1

A new free system update is in store – a T-Mobile store – for BlackBerry devices Bold 9900 and Torch 9810. BlackBerry OS 7.1 contains a larger number of improvements, including Wi-Fi calling, mobile hotspot and USB tethering, the Commercial Mobile Alert System – safety info provider in case of emergency, BlackBerry Music, Bing Search, and BlackBerry Device Analyzer – a built-in diagnostics tool that saves you time spent waiting for customer support.
The updates can be downloaded using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application.

BlackBerry Bold 9900

The most stylish BlackBerry to date, the Bold 9900 has a spacious keyboard and a durable glass-covered screen, a metal band around the contour, an optical trackpad and – for the first time – a touchscreen.
BlackBerry Bold 9900
A wide range of supported networks, a 5-megapixel camera and excellent battery life also speak in this phone’s favor.

BlackBerry Torch 9810

A single-core 1.2 GHz processor and a high-resolution screen are now joined by a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet Operating System. And if that’s not enough, it also features beautiful design, improved physical keyboard, the ability to capture 720p video and 768MB of RAM.
BlackBerry Torch 9810
Now that you’re sufficiently impressed with both of these phones, think about their safety in your possession. Protect them with a wide range of cases that OrionGadgets.com has to offer. Here’s a page to start you off:
BlackBerry Accessories
Cheers and Happy Shopping!

Motorola RAZR pre-orders start today

At 8pm EST today, you could have already been in line to pre-order this best-looking and possibly the best-functioning Motorola phone ever. Aside from the glamorous light and sleek design that puts flat screens everywhere to shame, the phone’s possibilities are seemingly endless: the Motorola Droid RAZR Android smartphone features unbelievable multitasking abilities thanks to the Verizon’s 4G LTE network and the phone’s dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, a 4.3” super AMOLED advanced display, an 8MP rear camera and 1080p HD video recording, government-grade password encryption and hundreds of other useful options. Stream your music, share your pictures, have a video chat, access your home computer at work – and do it all at the same time. This phone will have no problem rocketing between tasks.

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, an avid cinema watcher or just enjoy rocking to your favorite song, the Motorola RAZR is the multimedia stop for you. The preloaded MotoCast app allows you to stream files from your computer to the RAZR so your movie and music collection is never too far away. This also allows you to conserve the phone’s memory and avoid having to upload files to a third-party site, which saves time as well.

The release date for this device is not yet known. Watch OrionGadgets.com for accessories to the new Motorola Droid RAZR!

The AT&T Atrix 2 – an update to the Motorola Atrix smartphone

As one of the winners of the “Best of CTIA Fall 2011” award given by the LAPTOP Magazine, a new spin on the AT&T Atrix smartphone, version 2, features a larger display, better camera (front-facing for video chat), 4.4 GB of available memory and faster HSPA+ data, while the body of the phone is thinner, more sleek. The battery has almost 16 days of standby mode and 510 talk minutes. Like the first version, it can be docked to a desktop monitor, mouse and keyboard, has the Gingerbread platform and supports English, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages.

Motorola Atrix 2 from AT&T
Accessories for this phone are coming soon – watch for updates at OrionGadgets Motorola Accessories!

MetroPCS Best Phones

MetroPCS carries a vast range of the latest and greatest wireless phones. This article describes the various new models and offers a quick comparison of some of the newest models offered on our website.

For those on-the- go professionals who need to be connected to the internet at all times, RIM has introduced the classy and professional looking high-end Smartphone, the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The real improvement from the previous Blackberries is that the 9900 is a touch phone. Being able to reach up with your thumb and select menu items instead of using the TrackPad saves a lot of time. The other pluses of this phone is the best display of all blackberry phones, excellent signal performance, clarity and quality of call is good though volume is a bit of an issue compared to the 9900, ease of sending and receiving emails, the facility to add up to 10 different email accounts, integrated social networking apps in the contact app and messaging functions, making it easier to communicate with your circle of family, friends and colleagues. However the battery life is a bit short and if you forget to charge the battery at night, then in a couple of hours the phone will be dead. Additionally the screen is not made for consuming video and I would not recommend watching a movie on it.

MetroPCS Cell Phone Accessories

MetroPCS Cell Phone Accessories

The Huawei M835 is an affordable Android Smartphone with features similar to other Android phones, including 3G data, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, 3-megapixel camera, video capture, 3.5mm audio jack, and memory card slot. However, its battery life is a bit low and it has limited support for email and social networking, which is quite a serious downside.

LG Optimus M / Optimus C is also an Android phone with a large glass touchscreen, 3-megapixel auto-focus camera, video capture, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, 3.5mm audio jack, and memory card slot. Battery life is about 7 hours talk time. The phone has impressive apps which are very easy to use, though its internet is quite slow. You can access your emails and stay in touch with you family and friends through the social networks.

The Samsung Freeform III is a subsequent release to the Freeform II, being thinner and lighter with more rounded edges. The basic features are very similar to the previous model, including full QWERTY text keyboard, 1.3-megapixel camera, memory card slot, music player, stereo Bluetooth, and voice control. Like its predecessors it is an excellent messaging phone with excellent call quality. It is also possible to use email and the social networks.

Another phone available at MetroPCS is the affordable CDMA messaging phone, the Kyocera Loft / Torino S2300. Other features are similar to the Sanyo 2700, which are a QVGA display, QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and voice control. Battery time is low with 4 hours of talk time. It is a good phone for seniors who just want to call and message as it does not support emails or the social network.

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HTC myTouch 4G Slide – A must have

What does one need in a dream phone? Certain basic facilities like making calls, clicking pictures and being in touch with online and social circuit. The new HTC myTouch 4G Slide is all that one wants in a dream phone or smart phone. It has a wonderfully 3.7 inch large LCD display which brings out the life like colors. The images are clear and therefore are not pixilated. The strength of the signal whether you are indoors or outdoors is quite strong. The sound quality of HTC myTouch 4G Slide is like another feather in its cap. Its sound capabilities are good hence hearing is not a major concern even in the busiest of places.

With the features like HDR, the image quality too is excellent. It has in-built software called Instgram which takes care of the images and its in-built filters are excellent for image processing. Though there is not much that you can do while actually taking the picture but can improvise on an existing image with brilliant outcomes.

With regards to the life of a battery, it is obvious that the more you use the more it will decrease. Hence, make sure that you need to use internet to a minimum to enable the battery life to increase and give you more. Its unique Qwerty keypad gives you an option of using the phone for a variety of official as well as personal purposes. It has a quick interface that does not test your patience and make you wait for the applications to load. All in all, it is a device which fulfills all your expectations from a smart phone and can be rated as a mobile device worth its price as it contains an admirable lot of features.

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SmartPhones: Choose wisely before you buy

Apple iPhone 4 (GSM), Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Droid Incredible 2, RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 and LG Vu – what is common among them? With so many incredible smart phones making the rounds, it is surely difficult to choose the best. We provide an update on various features of some of the best smart phones in order to help you out.

Connectivity issues:

All the phones are touch screen based and extremely light with Apple iPhone being the smallest in terms of its dimension. It comes with a nice LCD display screen which is 3.5″ wide and possesses a memory of 32 GB. In comparison, other smart phones tend to pale in this regard. Another important feature for navigation is the GPS or the location finder facility which is incredible in almost all the phone except the LG Vu. Bluetooth and a USB port are common to all the phones but Wi-Fi is a feature which is not available on the LG Vu handset.

Image quality and productivity:

In terms of image or video quality, the best bet would be the HTC Droid Incredible 2 as it has an 8 MP camera and offers an amazing 720p HD video recording. Except the LG Vu, none of the phone supports the facility of watching live TV on your mobile handset. With regards to productivity features, all the smart phones have a facility of alarm calculator, voice memo and calendar. Blackberry Torch and LG Vu are the only ones offering a To-do list feature.

Music and games:

Though music player is a pert of every phone, the head jack system is present in all the phones except LG Vu with additional features like the radio available only in the HTC Droid Incredible 2 handset. Games too are a part of every smart phone with only RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 and LG Vu supporting games developed on Java (J2ME) platform.

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Be a Smartphone user with Motorola Titanium

The latest released Motorola titanium is a super Smartphone due to its incredible features and properties. It is going to give a huge competition to other Smartphone competitors in the market. Motorola Titanium is running in the Android 2.1 OS that gives it proper speed and let it compete in the Smartphone market. However, there are some features alike to the other Smartphones and few of them are not as good as the other brand Smartphone. Though there are few common features available in Motorola Titanium but few latest features set it apart from others in the market.

Click here to shop for Motorola Acessories

Click here to shop for Motorola Acessories

The display of this Smartphone is not up to the mark but provide good resolution picture quality. It has 3.1 inch screen which is enough to display good pixels picture. It means there is no problem or less usability of this feature in the phone. The signal connectivity feature of the Smartphone is very good even if there are no call drop and network congestion issues. Moreover, battery which plays a vital role has very huge backup and long lasting. The talk time and standby backup of the battery is remarkable as compared to other Smartphones of this range.

Sound quality of this Motorola Titanium is good as it produces very clear sound so that the users can easily hear voices over the phone amidst the traffic or in public place. It also supports imperative Push-to-talk feature which enables users to talk with each other within a range at free of cost. In addition to this, the entire menu screen of the phone allows users to customize it with their personal settings and icons. There is Wi-Fi connectivity option available that enables user to connect with the high speed internet.

Click here to see all motorola accessories

Click here to see all motorola accessories

Overall, Motorola Titanium Smartphone is the best in the market from the perspective of giving competition to others.


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Favorite New Phone Releases – Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Click for more info)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Click to Shop Xperia Play Accessories

The newest phone from Sony Ericsson is also the first PlayStation certified smartphone.  Perfect for gaming on the go, this device is currently available from Verizon Wireless and coming to ATT and other GSM networks soon.

Kicked–Up Control
Experience real console– quality game play with dedicated gaming controls. Xperia™ PLAY is the world’s first PlayStation® certified smartphone, and comes equipped with dedicated slide–out gaming controls and all the buttons your thumbs will never forget.
Ninja Speed & Reflexes
The Xperia™ PLAY’s Android™ OS doesn’t just throw multitasking into overdrive. It ups the ante with smooth animation and responsiveness for an awesomely immersive gaming experience.
Colossal Victory
The 16–million color 4 inch screen is as brilliant as it sounds. Vivid characters roam lush landscapes, and everything you do on your smartphone looks sharp and vibrant.
Stacked Apps & Games
Start chalking up wins the second you slide out the gaming pad with Xperia™ PLAY’s pre–loaded games, including Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Star Battalion, and Madden NFL 11. A boatload more games–and all the apps you can tackle–are available in the VCAST Apps Store.

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Want $100 for your old Blackberry?

Blackberry Trade Up Offer (click for more info)

Did you know the first Blackberry was released in 1999 and was no more than a two way pager?

The First Blackberry
Click to shop Blackberry Accessories

Have an old Blackberry phone that has seen more than its share of use? Time to upgrade to a new version and  Blackberry wants to help you do it.  RIM is currently offering up to $100 trade in value for your old phone when you upgrade to a new Blackberry.  Simply visit the Blackberry Trade Up site and complete the online quote process to get your promotional code.  For example you could get $60 off the price of a new Blackberry Curve 9330 for trading in an older Curve 8530 in good condition.  Combine that with upgrade discounts from your carrier and you could have the newest version of the phone you love for under $100.  New updates are available for all Blackberry models including the Torch, Curve 3G, Bold, Storm 2, Style and Pearl.  Upgrade today to a faster more powerful smart phone with all the same Blackberry features you already love!

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The Best New Phones for Mobile Entertainment and Messaging

Today we have the second part of our favorite new phone releases post featuring new phones from ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile.  These phones are introducing new technologies in phone display technology and super convenient messaging.

AT&T – Samsung Infuse 4G (click for more info)

Click to shop Samsung Accessories

The latest Samsung Android powered smart phone, the Infuse 4G, takes mobile entertainment to the next level featuring the largest most colorful display on the market and 4G speeds.  Some details:

  • The 4.5″ Super AMOLED™ Plus screen gives you a full spectrum of rich, vivid color with the highest color contrast on the market. The screen features 50% more sub-pixels for better contrast and outdoor readability.
  • The ultra-slim design is just 8.99 mm, fantastic for social messaging and entertainment on the go.
  • Watch hit movies and TV shows from Samsung Media Hub and U-verse® Live TV.
  • The 1.2 GHz high-speed processor combined with 4G speeds, where available, means apps and websites run with almost no waiting time.
  • The Infuse 4G comes preloaded with social networking widgets. Easily view your friends’ status and upload spontaneous videos or photos to share with everyone in your social network.

Sprint – HTC EVO 3D (click for more info)


Click to shop HTC Accessories

Sprint is the first carrier to put out a 3D enabled phone with the latest in the HTC EVO line.  In addition to improved speeds and the latest version of Android OS, the HTC EVO 3D is America’s first smartphone with a 4.3-inch 3D qHD display.

  • Create and stream HD video, view it in 3D and share it easily.
  • Quickly download movies and enjoy a Flash-enabled web browsing experience that takes advantage of the speed of the Sprint 3G/4G network and the power of a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon® processor.
  • The HTC EVO 3D makes the most of the power of 4G and lets you share it, offering Mobile Hotspot capability for up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

TMobile – SideKick 4G (click for more info)

T-Mobile Samsung Sidekick 4g

Click to shop for T-Mobile Sidekick Accessories

With this release T-Mobile brings back the popular SideKick brand with a 4G Android powered update.  The SideKick 4G retains the unique form of the previous version while adding all the key features you would expect from a top notch smart phone.

  • Texting evolved: Reply-all Group Text and texting from the web with Cloud Text
  • Lightning-fast 4G data download speeds
  • Front-facing camera for T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik™
  • 3.5 inch touch screen, speedy 1 Ghz processor, five-row QWERTY keyboard
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