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OrionGadgets.com is a manufacturer and a retailer of PDA, Music Players and Portable Gaming Devices accessories. Our mobile, PMP, and games devices cases and accessories, such as car and home chargers, travel kits, screen protectors, and more, are designed to give you a peace of mind and ease of use while your device is offered maximum protection.

OrionGadgets Launches HTC Droid Incredible Accessories

OrionGadgets.com has recently made available for purchase a diverse line of accessories for the HTC Droid Incredible from charging solutions to protective and decorative cases.

Brooklyn, NY – OrionGadgets is a retailer and manufacturer of cell phone accessories with over 10,000 listings available for the most popular new smart-phones, PDAs, iPod / iPad, and e-readers.  OrionGadgets.com now offers a complete selection of cell phone accessories compatible with the recently released Verizon HTC Droid Incredible.

For desktop charging, OrionGadgets offers the HTC Droid Incredible USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support).  This charging dock holds the Incredible at an upright angle for easy viewing and monitoring of incoming calls, texts and emails while charging from the wall or computer USB connection.  The cradle also features a slot to charge an additional battery, especially important with power hungry smart-phones running a lot of applications.  The black cradle is made specifically to fit the HTC Droid Incredible and features the OrionGadgets logo tastefully displayed on the front.  As an added bonus, every Droid Incredible Sync & Charge Cradle comes with a complimentary OrionGadgets neck-strap.  The HTC Droid Incredible USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support) retails at OrionGadgets.com for $23.00 shipped.

Need a backup or travel charging solution for the Droid Incredible?  OrionGadgets.com has retractable charging adapters for the wall, car and USB connection.  Retractable cables and adapters help minimize wire tangle issues making them ideal as a backup charger for traveling or as an alternative home or car charger.  With an eye on convenience, OrionGadgets has combined the retractable wall and car chargers into a kit offering a better value for customers.  Pick up the HTC Droid Incredible Retractable Wall / Car Charger Combo Pack for $22.00 shipped and save 15% off the separate price.

In addition to charging accessories, OrionGadgets carries attractive design cases and screen protectors.  Dress up the Incredible with the HTC Droid Incredible Rubberized Proguard Case available in a Red to Black Gradient, Spring Flowers, Autumn Flowers and solid colors.  A protective case protects the outer surface of the phone and helps preserve the fresh out of the box look.  Got a case to protect the body of the phone?  Protect the Droid Incredible’s 4.3” display with HTC Droid Incredible ScreenGuardz Ultra-Slim Screen Protectors (Pack of 15) for $15.00 shipped.

HTC Droid Incredible Sync and Charge Cradle

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