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OrionGadgets.com is a manufacturer and a retailer of PDA, Music Players and Portable Gaming Devices accessories. Our mobile, PMP, and games devices cases and accessories, such as car and home chargers, travel kits, screen protectors, and more, are designed to give you a peace of mind and ease of use while your device is offered maximum protection.

HTC myTouch 4G Slide – A must have

What does one need in a dream phone? Certain basic facilities like making calls, clicking pictures and being in touch with online and social circuit. The new HTC myTouch 4G Slide is all that one wants in a dream phone or smart phone. It has a wonderfully 3.7 inch large LCD display which brings out the life like colors. The images are clear and therefore are not pixilated. The strength of the signal whether you are indoors or outdoors is quite strong. The sound quality of HTC myTouch 4G Slide is like another feather in its cap. Its sound capabilities are good hence hearing is not a major concern even in the busiest of places.

With the features like HDR, the image quality too is excellent. It has in-built software called Instgram which takes care of the images and its in-built filters are excellent for image processing. Though there is not much that you can do while actually taking the picture but can improvise on an existing image with brilliant outcomes.

With regards to the life of a battery, it is obvious that the more you use the more it will decrease. Hence, make sure that you need to use internet to a minimum to enable the battery life to increase and give you more. Its unique Qwerty keypad gives you an option of using the phone for a variety of official as well as personal purposes. It has a quick interface that does not test your patience and make you wait for the applications to load. All in all, it is a device which fulfills all your expectations from a smart phone and can be rated as a mobile device worth its price as it contains an admirable lot of features.

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SmartPhones: Choose wisely before you buy

Apple iPhone 4 (GSM), Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Droid Incredible 2, RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 and LG Vu – what is common among them? With so many incredible smart phones making the rounds, it is surely difficult to choose the best. We provide an update on various features of some of the best smart phones in order to help you out.

Connectivity issues:

All the phones are touch screen based and extremely light with Apple iPhone being the smallest in terms of its dimension. It comes with a nice LCD display screen which is 3.5″ wide and possesses a memory of 32 GB. In comparison, other smart phones tend to pale in this regard. Another important feature for navigation is the GPS or the location finder facility which is incredible in almost all the phone except the LG Vu. Bluetooth and a USB port are common to all the phones but Wi-Fi is a feature which is not available on the LG Vu handset.

Image quality and productivity:

In terms of image or video quality, the best bet would be the HTC Droid Incredible 2 as it has an 8 MP camera and offers an amazing 720p HD video recording. Except the LG Vu, none of the phone supports the facility of watching live TV on your mobile handset. With regards to productivity features, all the smart phones have a facility of alarm calculator, voice memo and calendar. Blackberry Torch and LG Vu are the only ones offering a To-do list feature.

Music and games:

Though music player is a pert of every phone, the head jack system is present in all the phones except LG Vu with additional features like the radio available only in the HTC Droid Incredible 2 handset. Games too are a part of every smart phone with only RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 and LG Vu supporting games developed on Java (J2ME) platform.

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Phone Assessment Pamphlet

HTC arrive (sprint) is a phenomenal windows 7 based phone which includes Microsoft cut-paste feature. Capture photos and videos

Sprint HTC Accessories

Sprint HTC Accessories

 with 5.0 mega pixel camera with LED and auto focus. Moreover, HTC arrive is competent of 720p high-definition videos. It flaunts a 3.6 inch touch screen with slide out QWERTY keyboard. Incorporated in it are admired services provided by Microsoft which includes Xbox live, Bing, Windows live and Zune. The phone is appended with 16 GB internal memory and a slot for micro SD cards. HTC arrive accessories covers a wide range of technical available products. HTC arrive accessories  includes HTC U250 travel charger, HTC 3.5mm Stereo Headset, Bluetooth headset, data cable, self-powered speakers, stylus.

Kyocera Domino S1310 AccessoriesKyocera Domino S1310

is a sleek and durable basic CDMA phone which is enabled with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology. BREW technology provides downloading of games, screen savers and wallpapers. Basic uses in this phone include alarm, calculator, scheduler, stopwatch, timer and calculator. Some unparalleled features are talk time of up to 3.3 hours and standby time of 200 hours. Any call can be put on speaker with a dedicated function key. Multiple language support (English and Spanish) is again an astonishing feature. Kyocera Domino S1310 accessories include basic gadgets available for a mobile handset. Kyocera Domino S1310 accessories embrace standard lithium-ion battery, travel charger, vehicle power charger, gel skin.

Nokia X-2  is a moderately light QWERTY keypad phone with reasonable prices. Nokia X-2  prepaid is also now available without any contract price. It has an internal memory of only 48 MB but external memory can be extended up to 16 GB. This phone does not use 3G technology, so internet connection is not so good. But, encouraging feature is a 5 mega pixel camera which makes picture capturing job interesting. So overall, this phone is featured for individuals whose main concern is contacting others. Nokia X-2  accessories consist of standard lithium-ion battery, travel charger. Nokia X-2 accessories available are Bluetooth headset and vehicle power charger.

Nokia X2 Accessories

Nokia X2 Accessories

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Latest Cradles From OrionGadgets: MyTouch 3G Slide Charging Dock

OrionGadgets carries cell phone cradles for hundreds of phone models including the popular MyTouch 3G Slide from T-Mobile.

MyTouch 3G Slide Cradle

Finding a charging cradle for mid range phones can sometimes be difficult.  While there are hundreds of retailers specializing in particular phone models, OrionGadgets stocks cradles for an increasingly wide variety of phones from all manufacturers.  OrionGadgets carries cell phone cradles for new, old, high end, low end and mid range smart phones, including the MyTouch 3G Slide from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has the distinction of releasing the first smart phone powered by the Android operating system, the G1 by HTC back in 2008.  The MyTouch line of phones grew from this forerunner earning many fans along the way.  The new MyTouch 3G Slide is the latest release in this line, adding a slide out keyboard to the touch screen capable phone.  With new smart phones being released every week flaunting new bells and whistles, it is easy for accessory providers to pass over solid mid-range phones like the MyTouch 3G Slide.  Find convenient MyTouch 3G Slide accessories at OrionGadgets.com like the USB Sync and Charge Cradle available with or without a second battery charging slot.  See OrionGadgets.com for all compatible accessories.

This charging dock holds the MyTouch 3G Slide at an upright angle for easy viewing and monitoring of incoming calls, texts and emails while charging from the wall or computer USB connection.  The additional battery slot can be quite useful for power hungry smart-phones running a lot of applications.  The black cradle is made specifically to fit the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide and features the OrionGadgets logo tastefully displayed on the front.  As an added bonus, every MyTouch 3G Slide Cradle with 2nd Battery Support comes with a complimentary OrionGadgets neck-strap.  See OrionGadgets.com for images and current pricing.

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OrionGadgets Launches HTC Droid Incredible Accessories

OrionGadgets.com has recently made available for purchase a diverse line of accessories for the HTC Droid Incredible from charging solutions to protective and decorative cases.

Brooklyn, NY – OrionGadgets is a retailer and manufacturer of cell phone accessories with over 10,000 listings available for the most popular new smart-phones, PDAs, iPod / iPad, and e-readers.  OrionGadgets.com now offers a complete selection of cell phone accessories compatible with the recently released Verizon HTC Droid Incredible.

For desktop charging, OrionGadgets offers the HTC Droid Incredible USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support).  This charging dock holds the Incredible at an upright angle for easy viewing and monitoring of incoming calls, texts and emails while charging from the wall or computer USB connection.  The cradle also features a slot to charge an additional battery, especially important with power hungry smart-phones running a lot of applications.  The black cradle is made specifically to fit the HTC Droid Incredible and features the OrionGadgets logo tastefully displayed on the front.  As an added bonus, every Droid Incredible Sync & Charge Cradle comes with a complimentary OrionGadgets neck-strap.  The HTC Droid Incredible USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support) retails at OrionGadgets.com for $23.00 shipped.

Need a backup or travel charging solution for the Droid Incredible?  OrionGadgets.com has retractable charging adapters for the wall, car and USB connection.  Retractable cables and adapters help minimize wire tangle issues making them ideal as a backup charger for traveling or as an alternative home or car charger.  With an eye on convenience, OrionGadgets has combined the retractable wall and car chargers into a kit offering a better value for customers.  Pick up the HTC Droid Incredible Retractable Wall / Car Charger Combo Pack for $22.00 shipped and save 15% off the separate price.

In addition to charging accessories, OrionGadgets carries attractive design cases and screen protectors.  Dress up the Incredible with the HTC Droid Incredible Rubberized Proguard Case available in a Red to Black Gradient, Spring Flowers, Autumn Flowers and solid colors.  A protective case protects the outer surface of the phone and helps preserve the fresh out of the box look.  Got a case to protect the body of the phone?  Protect the Droid Incredible’s 4.3” display with HTC Droid Incredible ScreenGuardz Ultra-Slim Screen Protectors (Pack of 15) for $15.00 shipped.

HTC Droid Incredible Sync and Charge Cradle

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OrionGadgets Launches Full Line of HTC HD2 Accessories

OrionGadgets is announcing a full line of accessories now available for the T-Mobile HTC HD2 cell phone in the online store.  New accessories include two styles of desktop cradles as well as protective and decorative cases in leather and plastic.

Brooklyn, NY – OrionGadgets.com is a retailer and manufacturer of cell phone accessories with over 10,000 listings available for the most popular new smart-phones, messenger phones, PDAs, iPods, MP3, GPS, digital camera and gaming devices.  New additions to OrionGadgets line of accessories for the HTC HD2 phone offer more variety and convenience.  Customers can now choose from two distinct styles of desktop charging cradle.  The Elegant Sync and Charge Cradle is a compact pod which allows the HD2 to be charged while in an upright position perfect for monitoring incoming calls or emails.  The Elegant Cradle features a soft leather surface which earns it more style points than typical austere plastic charging docks.  This charger fits in nicely on a desktop, nightstand, or bureau and is available in four different colors: black, white, red, and yellow.  The T-Mobile HTC HD2 Elegant Sync and Charging Cradle is available now on OrionGadgets.com for $22 shipped.

Also for the HTC HD2, OrionGadgets offers the HD2 USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support).  This simple cradle fulfills several essential functions for the HD2 user: phone charging, data syncing, and charging a back up battery.  The T-Mobile HTC HD2 USB Sync & Charge Cradle (w/ 2nd battery support) is available now at OrionGadgets.com for $23 shipped.  Photos and more…

In addition to charging accessories, OrionGadgets recently posted genuine leather cases and a selection of plastic design cases for the HTC HD2.  OrionGadgets’ private label leather cases are consistent best sellers and offer a happy medium between luxury and affordability.  Available now in two styles and surface patterns from $25-30 shipped.

Other OrionGadgets accessories now listed for the HTC HD2 include plastic protector cases in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors for every taste, $10-11 shipped, and the HD2 Rubberized Elite Face-In Holster Belt Clip (Black) for $12 shipped.  Photos and more…

HTC HD2 Elegant Charging Pod

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