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OrionGadgets.com is a manufacturer and a retailer of PDA, Music Players and Portable Gaming Devices accessories. Our mobile, PMP, and games devices cases and accessories, such as car and home chargers, travel kits, screen protectors, and more, are designed to give you a peace of mind and ease of use while your device is offered maximum protection.

Apple iPhone 5 – Next Generation Phone

Apple iPhone 5Apple iPhone is the talk of the town in today’s modern world. This phone is catching the eyes of young generation due to the rumors that it is the next generation phone. This year, in the month of March, gossip regarding next-generation iPhone started burbling over the web. The rumor is that Apple refreshes each of its products on an annual basis. Hence, in this way, the last Apple iPhone was disclosed in the last June. Again, the recent news came that the iPhone 5 might hit the market in the month of September.

As per Reuters, Apple’s most recent touch screen phone will appear like an old model to some extent. However, the iPhone 5 model is expected to get hold of faster processor as per reported by Reuters. Again, after few days, a rumor came regarding the insertion of NFC technology on the new model, iPhone 5. This NFC technology allows customer to swipe their iPhone just like they proceed with subway passes or else, credit cards. Another smart phone, name the Nexus Smartphone already consists of this NFC technology.

The previous version of iPhone, that is, Apple iPhone 4 was launched in the previous year. There was a lot of competition in the market. Hence, this time, Apple is going to come with a big bang with its new invention, Apple iPhone 5. Lots of expectation has been generated for this new model and nation is going crazy to just have a glance of it. Following reviews are making it unique among the competitors. As per AT&T, the Apple iPhone is quite good while comparing with other smart phones on the basis of pricing, network, and service. All other competitors like Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are also curious for the launch of this new model of Apple iPhone 5.

Once Apple iPhone 5 is on the market, you’ll be able to  find all kind of Apple iPhone 5 Accessories here: http://www.oriongadgets.com/apple-accessories

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Using a Protective Case Can Solve iPhone 4 “Death Grip” Reception Problems

Reports of iPhone 4 reception problems are linked to interference caused by bare skin on the metal rim of the phone. A protective case from OrionGadgets separates metal from skin, eliminating interference.

Brooklyn, NY – OrionGadgets is a retailer of cell phone and portable media player accessories. With over 10,000 products online, OrionGadgets is adding new accessories weekly for all popular cell phone releases. OrionGadgets latest additions include accessories for the Apple iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 has been making news with customers reporting reception problems related to the manner in which the phone is gripped. Some users reported that when the hand is directly touching the rim of the phone in certain areas, the interference drops reception by two or more bars, leading some to refer to it as the “iPhone 4 Deathgrip”. Understandably, affected customers have caused an uproar and Apple has since announced a software fix on the way. Don’t think a software fix will help or impatient for an update? Experts from PCMag.com and NYTimes.com have reported that installing a protective case on the iPhone 4, which covers the metal edges, will prevent interference. Supporting this theory, NYTimes.com technology blogger David Pogue writes, “If you do experience the iPhone Death Grip problem, one easy way to eliminate it is to put the phone in a case.” Cure reception issues immediately by using an iPhone 4 case to eliminate direct contact between antenna and hand. OrionGadgets has inexpensive Apple iPhone 4 Silicone Skin Cases for $11.00 shipped which provide a great temporary or permanent solution to reception issues. In addition, the lightweight silicone skin cases offer an improved grip and basic protection.

OrionGadgets has headsets, screen protectors, car chargers, home chargers, retractable USB cables and other charging accessories compatible with the iPhone 4 shipping now. In the next month look for more iPhone 4 accessories, including holsters, plastic design cases, genuine leather cases and metal aluminum cases. Browse our huge inventory of Apple iPhone 4 accessories and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest product updates and promotional giveaways. Follow OrionGadgets today on Twitter and enter to win a free Apple iPhone 4 Crystal Silicone Skin Case (Tinted Blue).

iPhone 4 Silicone Skin Case

Information taken from: PCMag.com, NYTimes.com, and Gizmodo.com

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OrionGadgets launches iPhone 4G accessories

OrionGadgets is announcing a new line of accessories designed for the iPhone 4G.  OrionGadgets iPhone 4G accessories currently include desktop charging cradles, silicone cases and travel kits with more accessories coming soon.

OrionGadgets.com recently posted essential charging accessories for the Apple iPhone 4G.  Headlining the product launch is the Apple iPhone 4 Sync & Charge Flexible Cradle in black or white.  The flexible cradle adjusts to fit iPhone 4G, 3GS, 3G, 1G, and iPod models with or without a protective case on the device.  The adjustable charging dock is the most versatile power solution for Apple fans available on the web today.  The Flexible Cradle charges from the wall outlet or computer and holds the iPhone or iPod at a convenient viewing angle.  The Apple iPhone 4 Sync & Charge Flexible Cradle retails for $22.75 shipped.  More iPhone 4G charging accessories

At the time of this launch, OrionGadgets.com stocks two styles of Apple iPhone 4 Crystal Silicone Skin Case.  The silicone skin case is currently available in tinted blue or smoke checker patterns.  iPhone 4 cases made from silicone provide better grip and light protection from scratches without adding to the bulk of the phone.  Retailing for $11 shipped, the Crystal Silicone Skin Case can be used together with the iPhone 4 Sync & Charge Flexible Cradle.  More iPhone 4G Cases

OrionGadgets has also put together the Apple iPhone 4 Power Pack (Car Charger & Travel Charger) (Black) retailing for $17 shipped.  Take advantage of this deal and get two useful chargers for the iPhone 4 for $8.50 a piece.  Great as backup, travel, or replacement chargers.  Look for ScreenGuardz screen protectors, genuine leather cases, decorative hard plastic cases and other accessories for the iPhone 4G coming soon.

iPhone 4G Flexible Cradle

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iPhone Accessories for Father’s Day Better Gift than a Boring Tie

Thinking of purchasing some iPhone accessories for Dad this Father’s Day? Having trouble deciding which accessory is just right? This post offers details about some popular accessories carried by OrionGadgets that may help you choose the best iPhone accessory for your Dad.

Every expensive smart phone should have a protective case on it. These gadgets go everywhere with us. Of course, no matter how careful you are accidents happen. That’s why the cell phone case is a practical and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. Dad can use it all the time. If you have a gadget loving Dad, chances are there is already a case on his phone, and it has seen some wear and tear. Scratches, chipped paint, maybe a dent. You know he’ll never buy a new case until the old one falls apart, so why not upgrade the look of Dad’s iPhone this Father’s Day with a new protective case. But with all the variety out there that’s easier said than done.

Depending on taste and lifestyle, choose between several distinct styles of cell phone case. Would he prefer a simple lightweight iPhone rubber case? Rubber cases provide good protection from scratches and fingerprints. They also offer a sure grip which is a sticking point for some customers. Also on the lightweight side we have iPhone hard plastic cases. These come in a wider range of colors and interesting designs, as well as providing a bit more protection than a soft silicone case. Or try a black genuine leather iPhone case with belt clip, perfect for wearing around the office, available in three different styles, pouch, book and flip. On the other hand, the blue collar Dad needs maximum protection and a sleek look for his cell phone. You might want to try an aluminum iPhone case with belt clip in silver or black. We think the iPhone case could replace the tie as the most popular gift for Father’s Day. What cell phone accessory do you think would make the best Father’s Day gift?

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