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OrionGadgets.com is a manufacturer and a retailer of PDA, Music Players and Portable Gaming Devices accessories. Our mobile, PMP, and games devices cases and accessories, such as car and home chargers, travel kits, screen protectors, and more, are designed to give you a peace of mind and ease of use while your device is offered maximum protection.

OrionGadgets Launches LG Ally VS740 Accessories

OrionGadgets.com now has available a full complement of cell phone accessories for the LG Ally phone.  Highlights of the product launch include a variety of plastic design cases, belt clips and screen protectors.

LG Ally Plastic Design Case

Brooklyn, NY – OrionGadgets is a retailer and manufacturer of cell phone accessories with over 10,000 listings available for the most popular new smart-phones, PDAs, iPod / iPad, and e-readers.  The latest addition to OrionGadgets’ list of available models is the LG Ally VS740.

LG Ally accessories include plastic cases in ten different designs and colors and two styles of leather case to protect and personalize the Ally.  The plastic cases snap on the outside of the phone providing an extra layer of protection from everyday scratches and keeping the phone’s surface pristine.  LG VS740 Ally Plastic Protector Cases are available in a variety of attractive designs allowing the customer to personalize the look of the mobile device.  Popular designs include White Flower and Butterfly, Purple Black Swirls and Hawaii Flower.  Rubberized plastic cases and genuine leather cases are also available.  Visit OrionGadgets.com for images and current pricing.

OrionGadgets has a solution for conveniently carrying your LG Ally phone.  For customers who choose to carry the phone on a belt, there is the LG Ally Rubberized Face-In Spring Top Holster Belt Clip.  This holster clips securely to standard belts.  The spring operated clip on the top allows the phone to be quickly removed when a call comes in and easily put away again.  The face in design protects the Ally’s display from accidental damage.  As a lighter solution OrionGadgets has recently added the eClipse Self Lock Clip.  This stainless steel clip adheres to any smooth hard flat surface like the back of a phone or phone case.  The clip is specifically designed to lock onto fabric surfaces such as the pocket of pants, jackets, purses and other bags and unlocks with the push of a simple lever.  Keep the phone in place and save time not digging to the bottom of a pocket or bag to answer a call.  Visit OrionGadgets.com for images and current pricing.

A must for any touch screen phone, OrionGadgets carries ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz clear protective film for cell phones.  LG Ally screen protectors are available in Ultra-Slim or Hard Anti-Glare.  Protect the entire surface of the phone with BodyGuardz, a clear protective film used on automobile surfaces to prevent scratches.  Visit OrionGadgets.com for more details and current pricing.

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OrionGadgets adds new Apple iPad Cases

OrionGadgets.com is adding new Apple iPad cases available online today.  The product launch includes new choices in several different materials including leather, aluminum and plastic protective cases.

Apple iPad Otterbox Defender Case

OrionGadgets.com is an online retailer of iPhone, cell phone and portable media player accessories.  The latest additions to OrionGadgets Apple iPad accessories give customers greater variety for protecting and accessorizing the iPad tablet.  New cases include two additional colors of the popular iPad Leather Book Case, two colors of aluminum metal case and the Otterbox Defender Case for iPad.

For $20 shipped, OrionGadgets has added Red and Grey versions of the Apple iPad Leather Book Case already available in Black with red stripes and Brown with tan stripes.  The Apple iPad Leather Book Case (Red) features white racing stripes and the Apple iPad Leather Book Case (Grey) has lighter grey accents.  All four color cases feature a snug fit and open like a book.  The front cover can be opened 360 degrees to lay flat against the back for reading.  The Leather Book Cases also feature a rear kickstand which can be used to prop the iPad at a 45 degree angle for desk or table top viewing.  All four colors are currently in stock at OrionGadgets.com.

OrionGadgets has also added the Apple iPad Metal Aluminium Hard Case, offering customers the protection of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum.  The aluminum case gives the iPad a strong, industrial look.  It is manufactured with a hinged design and an easy to open and close non locking clasp.  The case is lined with Neoprene to prevent scratches to the iPad and has cut outs for all the ports.  The Metal Aluminum Hard Case is available in Black or Silver and is currently available on OrionGadgets.com for $59 shipped.

In addition OrionGadgets is now carrying the Otterbox Defender Case for iPad which offers 3 levels of industry leading protection.  The Apple iPad OtterBox Defender Case (Black) retails for $89 at OrionGadgets.com.  Soon to be posted is the Apple iPad Sleeve Case (Alligator Pattern) in Red, Purple and Black.  This eye catching sleeve features a convenient ejection pull tab which helps to easily remove the iPad from the case.  OrionGadgets also carries three types of private label soft genuine leather cases as well as a selection of hard plastic design cases and soft gel skin case for the Apple iPad tablet computer.

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iPhone Accessories for Father’s Day Better Gift than a Boring Tie

Thinking of purchasing some iPhone accessories for Dad this Father’s Day? Having trouble deciding which accessory is just right? This post offers details about some popular accessories carried by OrionGadgets that may help you choose the best iPhone accessory for your Dad.

Every expensive smart phone should have a protective case on it. These gadgets go everywhere with us. Of course, no matter how careful you are accidents happen. That’s why the cell phone case is a practical and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. Dad can use it all the time. If you have a gadget loving Dad, chances are there is already a case on his phone, and it has seen some wear and tear. Scratches, chipped paint, maybe a dent. You know he’ll never buy a new case until the old one falls apart, so why not upgrade the look of Dad’s iPhone this Father’s Day with a new protective case. But with all the variety out there that’s easier said than done.

Depending on taste and lifestyle, choose between several distinct styles of cell phone case. Would he prefer a simple lightweight iPhone rubber case? Rubber cases provide good protection from scratches and fingerprints. They also offer a sure grip which is a sticking point for some customers. Also on the lightweight side we have iPhone hard plastic cases. These come in a wider range of colors and interesting designs, as well as providing a bit more protection than a soft silicone case. Or try a black genuine leather iPhone case with belt clip, perfect for wearing around the office, available in three different styles, pouch, book and flip. On the other hand, the blue collar Dad needs maximum protection and a sleek look for his cell phone. You might want to try an aluminum iPhone case with belt clip in silver or black. We think the iPhone case could replace the tie as the most popular gift for Father’s Day. What cell phone accessory do you think would make the best Father’s Day gift?

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